I think technology has changed the holidays for the better.   No, I don’t mean virtual Santas, shopping on your smartphone from a comfy couch, or Skyping with your family on the other side of the world (although those things are pretty cool).  I mean it has changed the way we work for the better.   It used to be that we would be completely disconnected from the office while on holiday break.  Peaceful, yes, but then we’d often come back to mountains of emails and voicemails.  For me, that was pretty stressful – just knowing how much I had to do when I got back to work could put a damper on those last moments of vacation.  But now that we can be connected from anywhere, at anytime, from any device, I think my stress has actually decreased – I can take a few minutes here and there to answer urgent emails or answer a quick question, and leave the more in-depth programs to tackle when I get back. 

You may have seen the recent viral “holiday” photo of a family in matching outfits, all heads down and typing on their phones.  Pretty funny and oh so true for many families!  But I’m not advocating letting  work or a mobile device interrupt quality family time during the holidays.  In fact, I venture to say it might even help promote more quality time!  I am personally looking forward to watching my 10-year-old niece and almost 5-year-old nephew enjoy the season, and I don’t want to miss any of it.  Armed with my iPad, iPhone and Citrix Receiver, I think I will be able to achieve that pretty easily.

But that’s just my opinion – I am curious to hear how you will be accessing work (or not) during the holidays.  To make it easy on you (and let you enjoy as much hot cocoa with your loved ones as possible), we will be counting down to 2012 with one question per day between today and December 30 via Twitter and on Facebook.  So take a second and tell us what you think!