This morning we released the new Receiver for Android 3.0 into the wild. This represents the first of a number of significant Receiver updates coming in the next four weeks! Following the release of the Android distribution you can expect rolling updates to Receiver for Windows and iOS, along with formal 1.0 releases for Citrix Receiver for PlayBook and Chromebook by the end of the month!

We are very excited about these new releases! These releases represent the most coherent end user experience for Citrix and Receiver users. Not only have we completely updated the workspace but also the consistent process for subscribing to applications and, when coupled with the forthcoming Citrix CloudGateway solution, enabling true follow me capabilities across every platform and every Citrix Receiver client! Support for CloudGateway will enable full integration of SaaS applications into their XenDesktop stores to deliver single sign-on to all business applications – SaaS, Windows or web.

End users will also see significant improvements in user experience including the integration of natural mobile features and capabilities, and, with support for the XA 6.5 Mobile Optimization SDK and the mobile virtual channels end users will see an optimized Windows application for Android as well.

This new Android release also represent a few significant partner related milestones including:
  • Integration of the RSA soft token into Receiver for much better secure access user experience; and
  • Support for x86-based Android implementations to significantly broaden device type support.

At the end of the day the most important thing to think about with regards to Receiver is that it provides end users with an easy-to-use way of getting to all their apps and desktop from any device in a consistent manner.  This means that end users can be productive from anywhere while IT can manage apps and services instead of trying to manage users and devices.

The heavy lifting — managing device specific optimizations, mechanisms for access and control, service infrastructure for applications, any applications — is something that Citrix does so that IT doesn’t have to.

As we plan for the new year expect this new Receiver to set a new bar that we will quickly close with the other distributions and platforms.  2012 will be a busy year and, for us, it begins today with Receiver for Android 3.0.