I hope you enjoyed the 2011 Synergy Barcelona event, which was a great success. Browsing through the Barcelona event photo gallery posted on the Synergy Flickr site brings back good memories of all the exciting activities that generated great buzz. So don’t forget to visit the site, tag any photos of yourself that you might see and share them with your colleagues.

Now, it’s on to 2012.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Synergy 2012 events on 9-11 May in San Francisco and in October (dates to be announced soon) in Barcelona.

Citrix has ambitious goals for 2012. In fact, Synergy San Francisco and Barcelona are being reinvented to deliver even greater value and relevance. For example, the agendas will feature much more content and training on cloud technologies and a stronger emphasis on IT consumerisation – the intersection between work and personal life. Our objective is to show you how Citrix virtual computing is transforming the future of business by redefining the workplace: it’s wherever and whenever people find inspiration, using whatever device they prefer.

As we create this new agenda, we will be asking for your input via The Synergy Social Club, the exclusive online social networking tool that was launched in Barcelona. Members should keep checking the club site for contests, special offers and requests for their opinions on conference content, activities, logistics and more. Most important, The Synergy Social Club is a great way to connect with other members as valuable resources for product and industry knowledge.

Thanks for your continuing interest and involvement in Synergy! With your partnership, 2012 will prove to be an even more successful year for Synergy and Citrix.