NetScaler now has Lights Out Management (LOM) for the latest appliances:

– MPX 11500, 13500, 14500, 16500, 18500, 20500

– MPX 17550, 19550, 20550, 21550

LOM is basically out-of-band management which is using a dedicated management channel from the actual device that it is installed on.  This LOM on NetScaler allows Admins to monitor the NetScaler remotely without directly connecting to the management console or to the NetScaler management IPs.

Ronan O’Brien – our super star Support Readiness Specialist did a great video on walking through the initial configuration, walkthrough of what the LOM can do and how to go about making changes.  If you are a NetScaler customer but do not have the latest appliances that has the LOM feature, feel free to check with your sales reps for upgrade options to latest MPX or SDX appliances 😉  If you already have the latest MPX appliances with LOM, please review the release notes for any feature details that you should be aware of.  Some of the features highlighted in the video may be specific to the LOM card, so please refer to the NetScaler release notes and eDocs (through support link) on which features do NetScaler support with the latest software release.

Check out the LOM video.   There are many other informative NetScaler videos available at CitrixTV that’s definitely worth going through.  Enjoy!