It’s axiomatic that Windows 7 adoption is one of IT’s top priorities today. Whatever the reason(s) for migration at your company, be it the extinction of Windows XP support, or the device proliferation at workplace, or simply the technology upgrade that is long overdue, Windows 7 rollout is a major undertaking.

Migrating to Windows 7 while a smart move, it doesn’t have to be cumbersome. If you are still in the process of developing your migration strategy, you have waited long enough to learn a few lessons from those curious Windows 7 early adopters :). We, here at Citrix, keep hearing from customers, analysts and technology enablers, on three major areas that are at the heart of Windows 7 migration process:

  1. Application compatibility: Custom or in-house apps that are not natively supported on Windows 7 and IE6 (or IE7) compatibility issues
  2. Hardware costs: Big bang PC refreshes that you need to do to ensure hardware compatibility
  3. Expertise and training: Windows 7 deployment and ongoing management that require enormous effort and consume significant IT resources

Each of these challenges can easily be overcome with application and desktop virtualization as a means to accelerate Windows 7 deployment. For example, Citrix XenDesktop can help you deliver Windows apps to users on any device, anywhere; extend the PC refresh cycle and reduce costs using less expensive devices; and enable the mobile workforce. In fact, Citrix has been working with Microsoft 20+ years to offer best of breed solutions for all desktop virtualization scenarios.

While migrating to Windows 7 has advantages to both IT and organizations alike, there are several misconceptions that are essentially creating a barrier to its adoption. Check out this informative webinar where Citrix and Microsoft experts along with WS Development Associates, a XenDesktop customer, debunk the popular myths that exist today on Windows 7 migration and also provide insights into several tools and resources that can help you achieve milestones for a successful deployment.

Regardless of which of the many benefits are driving you to migrate to Windows 7, you can be assured that the desktop virtualization solutions from Citrix and Microsoft will make you and the Windows 7 migration project a grand success!