eXactACCESSHealthCast has achieved Citrix Ready certification for QwickACCESS and eXactACCESS with XenApp and XenDesktop. QwickACCESS (“QA”) enables secure and convenient proximity badge access to virtual desktops, streamlining access to VDI brokers or comprehensive EMR solutions without user interaction. eXactACCESS hospital single sign-on (SSO) is a designed-for-healthcare enterprise single sign-on solution that simplifies secure access to health care’s most challenging legacy systems. You can read more about HealthCast on the Citrix Ready catalog.

The following is a video they did of their eXactACCESS (‘XA”) E-SSO to Citrix XenApp using the new API integration.  The video shows a “physician” accessing their published desktop remotely on an iPad using PhoneFactor as a second factor authentication, and then roaming their published desktop to a hospital PC/thin client using the proximity badge functionality to access and secure the published desktop session (i.e., “tap-in and tap-out”).   They they show roaming within the hospital, pulling the active published desktop over to a different computer, and they point out that they close the session on the original computer when the published desktop is pulled over.   They also show the ‘tap-over’ functionality where a nurse automatically disconnects the physician’s published desktop and apps while simultaneously being logged into her published apps which are based on her role in Active Directory.  So there is flexibility for physicians to get published desktops, while other users would be restricted to specific apps to which they are granted access.

The goal in the demo video was to portray “the day in the life of a physician”, with HealthCast integrated with Citrix technology.

Stay tuned for QwickACCESS with XenDesktop using the Citrix API integration.

Watch it here