When folks are worried about memory usage in their Application Firewall (AppFW) appliance, but yet want to do as many form field checks possible, how can their AppFW scale for deployments?   Well, no need to worry with a cool feature on NetScaler AppFW.  This feature is about sessionless form field consistency.  With this capability, AppFW will not store any forms in memory for the sessions.  Instead, it adds a “magic” form field to the form being served to the client.  When the client submits the form back, like a magic wand, AppFW extracts the field out and compares it against the remaining form for consistency. 

 By doing this, the feature eliminates the AppFW forms memory usage and provides better flexibility and scalability for any deployments without memory usage impact on any forms related checks.   This gives user elastic memory management that they can use for other things such as caching, syslogs, etc.

 This feature is available in one of the enhancement builds today and will also be available in the next major release shortly.  And here is my plug if anyone is interested to do beta for next major release ;-), just leave your email in comments and I can get back to you on next steps.