Swisscom IT Services, a division of Swisscom, the leading telecommunications provider in Switzerland and Intel recently announced SmarTop® – Smart Desktop. SmarTop is an innovative workplace service that leverages Citrix XenClient and Intel® vPro™ technology-based laptops and desktops to deliver an intelligent desktop virtualization solution for business clients. The SmarTop service enables a range of usage scenarios, such as a centrally managed but locally executed corporate computing environment, plus the option to use multiple virtual desktop environments on one PC client, such as for partitioning of personal and business content on the same device. SmarTop will also feature enhanced backup and restore options powered by the Synchronizer for XenClient.

Swisscom’s SmarTop services offer business customers with key benefits, including providing IT departments with centrally-managed desktop environments with optimal security while providing ease-of-use, performance and mobility to employees. The SmarTop service enable businesses users a whole new approach to mobility, both in the office and on the move.

Swisscom is a great example of an innovative service provider using Citrix XenClient along with the Synchronzier to deliver local virtual desktop services for businesses that want to quickly and cost effectively provide desktop applications and tools to their employees to enhance their overall productivity and get products and services to market faster.

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