The NetScaler Command Center shares all the relevant device properties that need to be shared to a user under the device properties tab of the repeater devices. From information like node state, build version, uptime and lot more as displayed in the above snapshot, the Command Center shares a good level of information on the repeater devices.

From NetScaler Command Center 5.0 beta release, we have introduced details on two more attributes of the repeater devices, QoS Status and Serial Numbers.

Let’s do a quick sneak peek on these two attributes to understand their functionality and relevance on the command center.

Serial Number:

There has been a new implementation of the serial numbers being written on the DMIs before it leaves the factory. Whereas, the Repeater devices shipped between a particular period of time have the serial number only at the back of the physical devices. Starting from the 5.5.4/2.0.4 firmware, the serial numbers will be available on GUI, LCD, CLI consoles, XML-RPC call and SNMP MIB pools as well.

From NetScaler Command Center 5.0, you will be able to see the serial number information of the Repeater devices which are at least running 5.5.4 firmware. Information like this help inventory the deployed repeater devices and help Citrix support team while opening cases. The Command Center will display two values for serial numbers.

  • Serial Number of the device – If the serial numbers are written on the DMIs of the Repeater devices and they are upgraded to 5.5.4 or beyond, the Command Center will promptly display the serial number of the devices.
  • Not available from the unit – This message will be displayed for the listed reasons:
    • If the repeater device is a VPX appliance
    • If the software has not been upgraded to firmware 5.5.4 or beyond
    • If the serial number is not written on the DMIs of the devices.

QoS Status:

This status signifies if traffic shaping is enabled on the Repeater devices or not. It is available as of the Repeater 5.5.5 and 5.7.1 releases only. There are three values to this attribute:

  • 1 – The traffic shaping feature is enabled at the repeater device
  • 2 – The traffic shaping feature is disabled at the repeater device
  • 0  – This signifies that the repeater device doesn’t support the SNMP OID. This will usually be shown for other than 5.5.5 and 5.7.1 releases of the Repeater devices.

With these two enhancements, we start the series of blogs on key enhancements on NetScaler Command Center 5.0 for Repeater devices.

Look forwards to more on enhancements for NetScaler Branch Repeater support on NetScaler Command Center.