I attended the Guardian Public Services Awards last night because Citrix sponsored the Transformation category (congratulations Brighton & Hove Borough Libraries!).  We were joined by four customers and I think it is safe to say, we all found it a very humbling experience. 

The challenges public sector organisations face, whether due to to budget or red tape, are significant and yet, there are clearly many making a massive difference to day-to-day lives of adults and children who face significant hurdles in their lives.

Tukes was the overall winner for the services it delivers to mental health patients.  A number of people went up to collect the award and seeing how happy they were, describing Tukes as “changing my life” was a wonderful end to an enjoyable evening.

In tough times, it’s very easy to forget the amazing work our public services continue to do and I felt proud to be a part of the event.

Oh, and Nicky Campbell was a brilliant host too!