The newest shipping MPX/SDX models (17550, 19550, 20550, and 21550) architected with up to 36 SSL cores per appliance provide more than double the SSL transactions per second of any competitive application delivery platform on the market today. Why should you care? Well, Organizations, driven in part by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) recommendations, are rapidly transitioning to more secure 2048-bit SSL certificates. This new standard provides much greater security, but network and application performance is put at risk without proper planning and infrastructure. These new NetScaler models meet this challenge by managing over 95,000 new SSL transactions per second with 2048-bit keys. For “legacy” 1024-bit keys, over 375,000 SSL TPS are provided. These SSL performance advances are available in both multi-tenant, cloud environments with NetScaler SDX, and single application enterprise deployments with NetScaler MPX installations.