During the troubleshooting of Web Interface 5.4 issues you may find a need to save an ICA file for review within a text editor.  The following article details the steps necessary to save an ICA file via FireFox (version 8 used for this article):

1. Prior to launching the Web Interface website, change the FireFox Applications Options for the Citrix ICA Client to Notepad by navigating to: Firefox|Options|Options|Applications and then selecting the drop-down box for the Context Type of “Citrix ICA Client” and select the Action drop-down box and select “Use Notepad“.  Then click OK.  Optionally, you may choose another text editor by selecting “Choose other...” within the same Action box.

2. At this point, you may now log into Web Interface 5.4 and click the application icon which will cause the application to open as a text file:

For more information on other ICA download methodologies or issues concerning ICA file downloads refer to the following helpful Citrix Knowledge Center articles:

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