Hello All,

Over the past few weeks I’ve read several intriguing articles from well-respected bloggers that focused on Citrix’s strategy for VDI in a Box.

There were some excellent points made by all, particularly around the idea of qualifying which Citrix VDI solution, VDI in a Box or XenDesktop, is best for customers based on use case rather than user numbers. Of course, this entails Citrix partners perform due diligence, thoroughly studying and assessing use cases on an individual basis to ensure they present the most appropriate VDI solution to their respective customers.

At Sanbolic, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, this is the philosophy to which we have always subscribed.

Case in point – over the past few years, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations around the world, both SMB and enterprise (ranging from less than one thousand users to several thousand users). Regardless of the number of users these organizations had, their decision as to whether or not to pursue the use of desktop virtualization and if so, which solution, always came down to how quickly and how easily they would be able to implement the solution and start taking advantage of its benefits. For these customers, it was never about the number of users, it was simply a question of whether or not desktop virtualization was going to make desktop management easier, less time-consuming and less expensive for them and if so, how quickly they would be able to realize these benefits.

There are lots of solutions on the market for virtualizing desktops and choosing the one with the greatest potential to meet a customer’s current and future needs requires research, something that many organizations don’t have time to endure, which is why they often depend so heavily on the knowledge, expertise and guidance of VARs and System Integrators to assist them in the decision-making process.

Having accurate, up-to-date information is an absolute necessity when it comes to making the right decision, which is why we believe it is so important to share our approach to getting the most out of desktop virtualization with our customers as well as the Citrix partners we work closely with on a daily basis. In doing so, we’ve helped organizations around the world choose the desktop virtualization solution that was right for them – one that not only met their initial needs, but grew seamlessly to meet their ongoing needs as well.

Our customers deploy XenDesktop PoCs within days, not weeks, while keeping initial and ongoing costs down. When they’re ready to migrate from PoC to production, they do so quickly and easily using the same server/storage platform they used for their successful PoCs, thus paving the way for a much faster and greater return on their investments in VDI.

Rapid deployments, lower costs, seamless scalability, simplified desktop image management and a rich desktop experience, regardless of the number of users – this is what organizations hope to achieve from virtualizing their desktops and this is what Sanbolic is helping its customers do every day.