We do a lot of Executive Briefing to many different customers from all geographic areas.  After the briefings, responses vary depending on where they are on their buying cycles.  However, I had a customer recently that did not know what NetScaler was and I had to do the technical deep dive in all the features that NetScaler can do.  Many different questions between the slides and how it compares to other vendors and how the topology would work in their current network and how the CLI compares to routers and so forth.  What is so rewarding at the end of the meeting though is that they were impressed on the feature rich capabilities that NetScaler have and wanted to start looking at pricing. 

I’ve also done feature updates on current customers and same “wow” reaction when it is new features such as AppFlow, DataStream, updates on Application Firewall or new appliances such as MPX 11500 that can Pay-as-you-grow 5x more throughput when customers need it.  And then to tell them that it can also be upgraded to SDX 11500 when customers want to go to multi-tenancy, it really gets them excited! 

Overall, there have been very positive and impactful reactions with customers whether they are new to the product or looking for the latest product features.  This goes to show as to why NetScaler is gaining market share in the Application Delivery Controller market.