SharePoint has become the single biggest, most pervasive intranet platform today having broader presence in enterprises across the globe. While SharePoint 2007 made large impact on customers, SharePoint 2010 is making even broader impact with new features and functionalities. SharePoint 2010 introduces a number of exciting features, most of which make the application much more interactive and user friendly. New social networking features, along with collaboration benefits, which make SharePoint even more popular with enterprise users.

SharePoint 2010 plays an effective role in various enterprise use cases like Mash-ups, WCM, Publishing, Interactive Wiki, DMS, Enterprise Portals. SharePoint is solidifying position as mission-critical part of IT and business. As SharePoint is deployed across more organizations, 33% of companies say over half the documents in SharePoint are considered mission-critical. With its growing presence in the enterprise, Additionally, as businesses are increasing using SharePoint for workflow and process management, mission-critical content can now be put in motion across the business.

SharePoint 2010 adoption Surged in Past 12 Months. SharePoint 2010 deployments have increased from 8% in Aug-10 to 44% in Jan-11 and growing at even higher pace in 2011. Not only was the growth of SharePoint 2010 deployments impressive, but they outpaced the SharePoint 2007 deployments by great margin. Few interesting statistics about the adoption of SharePoint 2010 for Enterprise Content Management solution:

  • 70% of 5000+ employees sized firms: Already implemented SharePoint
  • 13% are first-time SharePoint 2010 users
  • 27% performed an upgrade from SharePoint 2007
  • 49% plan to integrate SharePoint w/ their existing or new ECM
  • 4% replaced existing ECMs with SharePoint 2010


Wow, that’s something you want to be interested in!! As the SharePoint 2010 adoption grows and users spend more time on the application, faster response times and quicker updates become crucial. Question is how do you ensure maximum availability, faster response time, optimized bandwidth usage, lesser server processing load and content security, all in single solution???


The one and only solution which can do all of this together is your own NetScaler 🙂

NetScaler solves the problem of optimizing and accelerating SharePoint 2010 deployments along with ensuring the availability and security aspects. The multiple optimization, offload, availability, acceleration and security features of the NetScaler ADC work together to ensure highly efficient, secure and faster SharePoint 2010 deployment. Security concerns are addressed by the unmatched Layer 3 to Layer 7 security stack available in NetScaler platform. All these different features work together to provide the best possible experience for end users.

That’s great but how are you going to deploy all these features together??

NetScaler AppExpert Application Templates is the answer! NetScaler has built-in framework called Application Template which ties all these features together and simplifies the deployment immensely. You can download templates for popular applications from the Citrix community site. But do we have specific template for SharePoint 2010?

Yes!! Last week we release brand new and effective template for SharePoint 2010 deployments. Check it out on Citrix community site:

The SharePoint 2010 application template is natively built on the advanced policy infrastructure and therefore utilizes all the functional and performance benefits of new infrastructure. This makes the template much more efficient, and it is tuned to drive better performance for the SharePoint 2010 application. New logical Application Units take care of the new content types.

These application units ensure deployment of the right set of features and policies to accelerate different types of content. A set of default policies defined for these application units takes care of optimizing and accelerating the respective content types through various NetScaler features, such as Caching, Compression, Rewrite, Responder, and Application Firewall.

Internal tests demonstrate 30% to 60% faster response time and optimized content delivery through NetScaler using the SharePoint 2010 Application Template.

Keep watching…. More to come  🙂