Strange title for a blog maybe (and my first as a Citrite) but there was deliberately no use of the word ‘dead’ in there as App-DNA is very much alive. We are universally thrilled to be a part of the Citrix family – and yes, family is the right word. We at App-DNA are proud of the culture we have grown in three and a half years and it aligns well with the Citrix ethos.

I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for the fantastically warm reception from the Citrix folks and also the great response from customers and partners. I think it demonstrates smart thinking from Citrix that they see how organizations struggle with the challenge of migrating and managing large application portfolios across heterogeneous infrastructures while coping with the ever-changing applications and environments and they have listened to their customers.

This is not just about driving XenApp and XenDesktop – as some folks have suggested – this is about applications and application management and this is an area App-DNA is well versed in and had great success with a fantastic group of customers and partners. It makes sense that we continue to help customers get to Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, 64 bit platforms and application virtualization – AppTitude is the number 1 technology in the market for this. Transformation projects for Windows today and tomorrow will continue as will our support for application and machine virtualization. App-DNA has been extending the DNA we collect beyond applications to environment and organizational DNA and this positions us well to help customers achieve transformation projects, optimize their processes which drive day-to-day business as usual activities as well as allow for the evolution of their portfolio to next generation technologies.

Citrix announced a whole raft of exciting technologies at Barcelona and it seems clear that the vision for end-to-end anytime, anywhere apps and data is now a reality and unrivalled in the industry.

If you already know App-DNA you should continue to feel confident about how we will go about our business and drive further to deliver fantastic application assessment, automation and management capabilities. If you are new to App-DNA and our technology you should feel excited about the marriage of App-DNA and Citrix. Its never been a better time to tackle your transformation project or drive cost and complexity out of managing change in your organization.