Currently CitrixOfflinePlugin.exe can be deployed using Citrix Receiver Updater, which installs:

  • Streaming Client
  • Bunch of VC runtime Redistributables (both 2005 and 2008)
  • Sets AppHubWhiteList if needed

But what if someone doesn’t need VC redistributables installed for some reason, current solution is to extract MSI from the CitrixOfflinePlugin.exe and install the MSI. But MSI installation has to be done manually, receiver updater can’t deliver MSI, because Offline Plug-in Metadata XML for receiver only supports EXE based installer.

To overcome this problem, we will need to modify the Metadata XML for Offline Plug-in, so that it can start supporting Streaming MSI instead of Exe. XenAppStreamingMetaData.xml, has be modified as below to get it working with MSI:

Changes that needs to be done to Metadata XML

Once the modification is done, we can upload the Metadata XML and MSI to the Merchandising server and can deliver MSI + AppHubWhitelist to the receiver Updater Clients. I’m attaching the XML that is modified to deliver Offline Plug-in (XenAppStreamed) MSI, using Citrix Receiver Updater at XenAppStreamingMetaData