Yesterday Google announced Google+ pages for business.  Google+ is a social networking platform which rivals Facebook, well I guess that was the original idea by Google but as of yet has failed to win over its rival followers.  Over the years Google have tried to jump on the social bandwagon but failed with Google Wave and Google Buzz.

Google+ seems to offer alot more than its predecessors but has alot to catch up on if it wants to steal any of the large market share that Facebook currently own.

I’ve been kicking the tyres on Google+ for several months now and really like some features it provides like:

  • Circles (cool way to organize your connections)
  • Hangouts (product/feature/issue live chats)

Citrix Support already have a Facebook page with nearly nearly 2,000 likes and with so many of our customes on Google+ it was a no brainer for us to add a Citrix Support Google+ page.

So come join us on Google+ and engage with our Citrix Support social team.

So now you can socialize with Citrix Support on:

I hope to see you there.


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