Citrix TaaS is a new initiative from Citrix Support, focused on making the support of your Citrix environments as easy as possible. It features tools and online auto-analysis capabilities that will help customers collect environment information, analyze that information and receive tailored recommendations based on their Citrix environment and configuration.

At Synergy Barcelona a couple of weeks ago Citrix Support launched the public beta of Tools as a Service for XenServer and NetScaler.

Jerome Reid, development manager with Citrix responsible for TaaS for XenServer gave a demo of the tool to Citrix TV.  Check it out below.

Tools as a Service is available today, logon to with your MyCitrix and start troubleshooting your XenServer and NetScaler issues.

You can also checkout the TaaS webinar which was recorded a couple of months back explaining the reason behind the initiative and problems it solves.


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