XenApp implementations are and will continue to be most cost-effective way to manage and deliver applications to users. But coming away from Synergy Barcelona last week, I am pleasantly surprised to see that Trade-up to XenDesktop program has been a tremendous success, that to date, as many as 15% of XenApp customer base already traded up their licenses for following reasons:

  • With trade-up program, users can double their licenses,
  • Save 60-70% on XenDesktop,
  • Keep all of the benefits and functionality of XenApp,
  • Get VDI, Citrix XenClient and much more with FlexCast™ delivery technology,
  • Receive one year of Subscription Advantage membership.

But once you traded-up your XenApp licenses to XenDesktop, where and how do you start the desktop transformation process? You may be asking yourself how do I keep all the benefits and functionality of XenApp with access to the latest desktop virtualization technology.

Attend the upcoming Ask the Architect Tech Talk and we’ll show you how. Topics for discussion include:

  • User segmentation to match user needs with business priorities
  • Alignment of requirements to determine appropriate virtual desktop model
  • Proven best practices identified by Citrix Consulting

Register here to attend and learn how you can keep all of the great functionality you are accustomed to with XenApp, and add new, powerful virtual desktop technology.

Date: November 9, 2011

Time: 11am PST / 2pm EST