I’m not sure if it’s because I was stuck in a plane on a Hartford Conn. runway in last weeks snow storm, or because of meeting Florida Governor Rick Scott this week and listening to his compelling case for businesses to move to Florida.
It really made me wonder why so many people live in the cold when they don’t have to. As a New York escapee, I can relate to the move south and the many benefits, some economic some emotional;

Instant raise from zero state income tax
No scraping ice off windshields
Warm water at the beach
No closet full of coats, boots, gloves, etc
Year round outdoor activity… Without pain..
No shoveling snow..

Certainly there are personal reasons to stay up north based on family and other obligations however when it comes to work, more and more knowledge workers find they can work from anywhere. Work is no longer where you go, but what you do. Companies are legitimately concerned about output and not punching a clock. The company does not need to move for you to.
The tools available to work from anywhere are better than ever. Virtual Desktops, Online meetings with Video conferencing, Cloud based document storage and sharing. It’s interesting to watch how many people now prefer to participate in meetings from thier office vs walking down the hall to the actual meeting room. The only thing missing is the coffee room chatter and impromptu brainstorming. It’s not quite them same being remote vs in office but it’s getting closer all the time. And for millions of workers it’s the norm already.

I know lots of northerners will say they love the change of seasons, blah, blah, blah, I used to say that also …

So what’s your reason, why do you still live in the cold ?

I’m off to the beach 🙂