In the previous blog (/blogs/2011/10/28/netscaler-command-center-5-0-extended-authentication-support-part-1/) we discussed what NetScaler Command Center (CC) brings to the plate with extended authentication support and what the new enhancements in NetScaler CC 5.0 are.

This blog will cover the details on the significance of dual mode smooth authentication configuration.

Dual mode smooth authentication configuration

As can be seen, “neha” user has an external Active Directory (AD) group configured called “AdminAmericasOUAccounts” with “External” as the authentication type. Note that we have created this user on the Command Center (CC) appliance. This “neha” user exists on the “AdminAmericasOUAccounts” AD group at the AD server as well and has the same credentials as the AD group “neha” user.

The “AdminAmericasOUAccounts” is defined on CC appliance as shown, giving a certain level of access to the CC appliance functions.

Now, all the list of users defined under the “AdminAmericasOUAccounts” AD group at AD server, will be able to access these level of functions on CC appliance.

A situation comes when the AD server goes down!

In this situation, the admin can change the authentication type as local and the “neha” user can access the Command Center appliance smoothly despite the AD server failure!

Earlier to do this, admin had to change the configuration file and restart the system. Now just the change of authentication type on the Command Center GUI will do.

That’s what we call dual mode smooth authentication configuration for admins!! 🙂

In the next weeks blog we will cover the other part of the extended authentication support, that is the significance of customized active directory group level control.