This topic about broadening security was in the 5 cool things session at Synergy Barcelona Syn207.  But I wanted to highlight here to ensure everyone got the memo that NetScaler has many flexible features that should be noted for future customer use cases.  Today NetScaler already provide security and maintain Strong SLAs via HA across multiple WI and Delivery Controllers in case of failure.   Most people, also know that NetScaler provide Global Availability across data centers via NetScaler GSLB.    What most folks may not be aware of is that we have Application Firewall cookie proxy as well as extensive rewrite policy engines that cover both responses and requests.    Hence, I wanted give an example of a customer use case that one of our account teams in Asia demonstrated and proved to a customer.   This was a scenario of a customer that wanted to provide better security when the company has a compromised PC.  The company was worried of the Web interface authentication cookie to be stolen by the compromised PC.   Because NetScaler was a part of this solution already, NetScaler not only provide high availability, global scalability but also now flexible security in this use case. 

To provide security for this scenario, NetScaler AppFw Cookie proxy was enabled to prevent the WI Auth cookie from being seen at the browser.  NetScaler kept track of the ICA file that it served out and sent session cookie to the client.  With its extensive policy engines, NetScaler was able to ensure that the user was not able to launch an application more than once.  Details of this specific use case can also be found in the Syn207 breakout session video at – just search for Syn207.   This is just one example of a use case that really utilizes NetScaler flexibility but this should give everyone an idea the extensive security features and policies that are available with NetScaler to provide a secured solution.