Casa Milo at Night

Antoni Gaudi is a legend who has transformed Barcelona into a work art with his grandiose, yet very functional designs. If not for Gaudi, Barcelona would not have been as noticable on the world map even though Messi, the soccer legend in the making plays for FC Barcelona ( Yes! soccer fans I just made that statment!).

Just like Gaudi, NetScaler has been delivering innovative products for Cloud Networking and helping customers transition into the cloud age with finesse. Earlier this year, at Synergy San Francisco we announced  CloudGateway & CloudBridge to help connect datacenters and provide single point of aggregation and control to secure and deliver all apps. Now with CloudConnectors NetScaler offers superior acceleration for mobile, web and SaaS applications. Cotendo, one of the leading CDN providers with a next-generation CDN infrastructure has partnered with NetScaler to offer some truly game changing solutions.

Check out more on CloudConnectors and be sure to ask yourself “Is my current CDN provider with just static content acceleration good enough for today’s web that is most dynamic content ?”