The Receiver infrastructure components we have been working on over the last year were launched at Synergy Barcelona as CloudGateway Express.The best part is that you can go download CloudGateway Express for free right now from our updated tech preview site. If you were not able to attend Synergy Barcelona and you want to learn more about CloudGateway Express there are recorded videos to help you:

Synergy keynote (the CloudGateway Express announcement is from 1:16 to 1:21 in the video if you are short on time)

SYN330 Create your own enterprise application store with Citrix Receiver Storefront (Market landscape, product features, panel Q&A)

SYN329 Meet the new Citrix secure access technologies replacing Web Interface (Deep dive into features and architecture)

Once you have downloaded the tech preview please join us in the CloudGateway Express support forums with any questions or feedback.