Well, as good as it is to see all my friends and colleagues in the UK, it feels ever so slightly bizarre to be sat at my desk today!  I’m not scurrying the length of the CCIB x at 15 each day or dashing over to the Hilton Diagonal or doing laps of the Solutions Expo and my feet, while grateful, are a little shell-shocked 🙂

Since landing back, it’s been great to hear so much positive feedback from our customers and partners about both Summit and Synergy.  Numerous saying “onto Synergy 2012” and given how much work so many Citrites put into the events, that is so masisvely motivating to hear!

Ahead of Synergy, I was particularly looking forward to seeing the reaction to our Innovation Award videos, the keynote as a whole and the CTO super session.  In hindsight, they remain highlights but are joined by the Solutions Expo (bigger and buzzier than ever) plus the Desktop Transformation Center – those of you who followed me last year know I love a fact or a stat!! 

Needless to say, the very best part was spending so much time with you all so thanks to everyone who shared so much information, gave feedback, joined me in my commitment to the local Cava and empathised when I was tired.  I wouldnt change a minute of it!

For end users specifically, if you have any colleagues who would like to hear the highlights from Syergy first hand then do tell them about Citrix InFocus – an event being organised by our UK marketing team for November 23rd in London.

I also hope to see many of you at the vertical roundtable discussions I organise (financial services, retail, public sector and legal – hope to introduce more next year) and at other various social and work events but do keep in touch.  To leave it until Synergy 2012 would be too long!