Synergy Barcelona – nice location, close to the beach, folks can go watch football…gotta wonder – anyone coming to my sessions this week!??

When I first checked in to my hotel and saw the very nice view of the beach from my room, the first thought I had whether I was going to have anyone come to my session.  Yes, it is definitely great to have the nice location, access to many sightseeing activities as well as watching football…but as a presenter, I also think about whether I will have much audience 🙂

After doing my sessions this week, whether it is in a nice location and have many more options for customers/partners to do, a lot of folks
still attended our sessions and a lot still ask alot of questions, whether following up at the booth or meeting me after the session.

Partners still called up to have lunches/dinners and discuss business updates etc, so having the nice location for this event with perks actually just helps in getting more customers and partners to come but the focus on learning such as waiting list on learning labs shows
the commitment and dedication by the Summit/Synergy attendees.   Even with SUM 209Leading a NetScaler sales discussion: it’s easier than you think was scheduled so early in the morning had good attendance and the most popular and always must see SYN207 5 cool things on NetScaler that you don’t know about still a big turnout even when it is the last session right before the Synergy party.  So, for those that did not make the sessions, definitely check out the videos on all the NetScaler sessions – sessions definitely have lots of gusto!

Looking forward to the surveys – hopefully with some good feedback! 😉