We build walls to build a house. These walls give a level of security in the house. We set intricate locks at our doors and we set security guards to authorize access to our residential areas. All this to instill a sense of security. We do a lot to keep unauthorized access at bay.

In the same way we have multiple AAA protocols to authenticate, authorize and to do accounting keeping a check and track on the unauthorized access to the information and utilities floating over the internet.

NetScaler Command Center 5.0 facilitates an advanced authentication and authorization system for users managing multiple devices using Command Center. It supports the listed industry-standard authentication servers along with local authentication:

  • Active Directory

NetScaler Command Center has a lot to offer to manage and monitor multiple devices. Certificate management, configuration management, fault management and performance monitoring are few of the lot. On authentication level, you would want the control in your hand to allocate these operations to only certain set of users. Command Center gives you the power to choose the authentication type, what to authorize to whom, active directory group based control and allocate read-write-execute level of authorization.

What’s new in NetScaler Command Center 5.0 Authentication Settings?

Dual mode smooth authentication configuration

NetScaler Command Center (CC) 5.0 gives the control to change the authentication settings of users at runtime. You can define the authentication type for the user when adding the user to the Command Center. But if you want, you can also edit the setting from local to external authentication at a later point in the time.

This enhancement actually facilitates the users to access the CC appliance even after an Active Directory external server failure!

Customized Active Directory group level control

NetScaler Command Center provides the ability to extract Active Directory group information.  It enables you to extract group level information on the basis of group attributes and group sub-attributes on Active Directory servers. Once this is done, you can authorize users on the basis of this group level segregation.  You can also extract multiple groups and add these multiple groups to Command Center.

This enhancement enables you to define group level segregation of authentication and authorization functions and remove a lot of configuration usually needed in this process!

This’ll be all for this blog. Will elaborate on what is the significance of these enhancements in the next week’s blog. Look forward to a lot more on NetScaler Command Centers 5.0 enhancements in the upcoming blogs.

Ciao till then 🙂