Citrix is particularly pleased to see the release candidate for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager being made available.  As a partner of 21 years, Citrix and Microsoft have worked together on countless projects involving each other’s solutions, and  System Center 2012 is no exception.

Over the past several months, Citrix has conducted several joint testing projects with our desktop and application delivery  solutions running with System Center 2012.  In fact, the Microsoft and Citrix teams are working together in the Redmond Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) this month on additional at-scale testing of System Center.  System Center is a key component of many of the architectural and design reference projects that Citrix undertakes with not only Microsoft, but many of our joint partners such as HP, Dell and Cisco.

Citrix integrates with System Center across a broad spectrum of our products.  Below are some examples of how we currently employ this valuable Microsoft technology within our products:

  • XenDesktop: making pooled VM attributes available to System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for proper virtual desktop manageability while also leveraging System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to manage Hyper-V infrastructure for XenDesktop deployments on the Microsoft hypervisor.
  • XenApp: Provide alerting information for XenApp into System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
  • XenServer: leverage SCVMM to manage XenServer infrastructure for XenDesktop deployments on the Citrix hypervisor
  • NetScaler: employ SCVMM integration in our Load Balancing environments.

Throughout 2012, Citrix plans to expand System Center integration within our solutions to extend Citrix product capabilities more quickly.

A prime example of Citrix showcasing System Center with our solutions was found at our 2011 Synergy conferences in both the US and Europe, where we had “Project Morpheus” on display.  This centerpiece display shows partners and customers how Citrix is running our flagship desktop and application delivery solutions on Hyper-V and System Center 2012.  Morpheus is not just a demo, but a live Desktop Transformation Center implementation providing the computing infrastructures for all event-related virtual desktops and applications powered from within a single datacenter. This centralized infrastructure supported the following conference functions and activities:

  • Internet Access Center where attendees were able to enjoy a virtual desktop experience while checking on event details and schedules, staying in touch with work and family, making dinner and theater reservations and arranging their travel back home at the end of the event.
  • Press Center where members of the international media were able to relax while reporting on event news and announcements.
  • Bring Your Own (BYO Mobility) Center where attendees experienced the power of Citrix virtualization technology on a wide variety of mobile devices, including tablet PCs.
  • Registration Desk where attendees self-registered using a choice of methods: accessing virtual desktops delivered to zero-client terminals; using personal mobile devices to scan a QR code for the Synergy website; or entering the Synergy URL on any web-enabled device.
  • Session tracking terminals used by attendees to scan their session badge prior to entering a breakout room, and by conference staff to collect data.
  • Vendor exhibits at the Solutions Expo, where sponsors showed event-specific programs and presentations from thin clients, tablets and other devices.

We are excited to support Microsoft’s release announcement as it helps our partnership and continues to improve our integrated joint solutions for our customers and partners.  Together, we provide the best user experience, outstanding value and integrated management for desktop transformation solutions.  System Center in particular enables the management of both physical and virtual desktops and applications from a single console, using familiar technology and existing skill sets. With the RC 2012 announcement, we look forward to continuing to extend and improve our joint solution – a comprehensive set of technologies designed to meet desktop virtualization requirements – to our mutual customers.
Rod Hoffman
Director, Microsoft Strategic Alliance Team
Citrix Systems, Inc.