I am here in Barcelona all this week attending Summit and Synergy. So I’ve decided to keep a diary of my time here so I can share my experiences of the sessions I attend and the people I meet.

Day 2 of Synergy was probably the busiest day for me, I had to facilitate for two 3 hour XenDesktop sessions as well as help out at the booth and learning lounge usability studies for Tools as a Service.

Between all that I got to spend some time with Hugh Guidera who is a Systems Engineer for Citrix Online.  Hugh walked me through a demo of GoToManage, really great tool for remote support.  I wanted to learn more about how the tool worked, what fuctionality was available to see if it was something we could use in support or for the Tools as a Service initiative.

I took it easy this evening after many late nights 🙂 So I went back to the Italian restaurant we visited on Monday with Jerome, Flo and Jose-Luis.  Also did a bit of shopping and picked up a couple of things for the kids and wife.

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the Citrix Support Facebook site.


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