So with Summit out of the way we invited our customers to register on Tuesday evening with the event kicking off officially on Wednesday morning. First up was the keynote. I got there early to grab a good seat in the beautiful auditorium. The place quickly filled up before Mark Templeton took to the stage.

Today’s Synergy keynote was very exciting, if you missed it you can watch it back here –

This was one of the most exciting Synergy keynotes I’ve been to with a huge amount of announcements. Here is a summary of some I wrote down:

  • Acquisition of AppDNA
  • Introduction of GoToMeeting Workspaces
  • Web Interface to be replaced by Citrix Cloud Gateway
  • Cloud Gateway Express & Cloud Gateway Enterprise
  • HDX on a chip
  • Citrix Receiver for Facebook

Following the keynote I headed back to the Expo hall and learning lounge to help out with Tools as a Service usability studies and demos.

That evening was Synergy party, each of the regions was split up into a differtn club along the beach. It was a beautiful location, I met up with lots of colleagues and customers with some fine food and wine. It was a late night but enjoyable 🙂

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the Citrix Support Facebook site.


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