In Barcelona at Citrix Synergy Mark Templeton described the new Citrix Follow Me Data solutions. Built around the newly acquired ShareFile technology and, what is now called, the Follow Me Data Fabric, Citrix will deliver three solutions that leverage Citrix infrastructure to deliver enterprise files and data securely to end users and enhance work collaboration. Mark explicitly said in his keynote that this wasn’t a DropBox competitor but rather more like iCloud for Enterprise. It was this comment that provides the greatest insight into the Citrix strategy.

DropBox, while a revolutionary cloud storage solution, remains unquestionably insecure and largely unmanageable by enterprise IT. In contrast, the Citrix Follow Me Data Fabric is designed from the ground up to provide the quintessence of IT management, security and control. Access to an end users files and data will be manageable, controllable and smart. IT will be able to determine which drives can by synched, and remotely accessed. IT will be able to control, remotely wipe and set data and file restrictions for editing and local / off line access. Lastly access will be smart. For example, if the end user is inside the secure network or working from a PC at home they may get full access to their files. Conversely if they are outside the work network, on the road or accessing files from a tablet device they may get tighter restrictions. Taken even further an end user may be allowed full access to their files with locally editing rights from a tablet inside the network but only access via a virtualized application from outside the corporate network.

These capabilities represent a unique and very differentiated cloud storage and access solution. Tied into Citrix Receiver IT will continue to manage authentication and access via directory groups and best practices. In every way the ShareFile infrastructure and Follow Me Data Fabric represents the ultimate in IT managed data access.

Over the next year expect that the management and control aspects of Follow Me Data will become an essential add-on component to the Citrix CloudGateway application management solution as well.

More information on the Follow Me Data solutions and to sign up for the upcoming Technology Preview please check out the evolving site at . Also be sure to continue to check out the Citrix blogs for the latest insights into the Citrix vision and infrastructure evolution.