I just managed to catch up with Max Gill, sales manager for Northern Europe at Atlantis to get his take on Summit & Synergy and the areas the business is focusing on for its customers

How do you think Synergy has helped customers looking at desktop virtualisation?

Citrix has addressed four of the main barriers, in my opinion, to desktop virtualisation very well – complexity, cost, user experience and speed of transformation.

As a result of Citrix partnering with the likes of Dell, Cisco and Fujitsu, fully engineered and tested solutions including all the devices, compute and networking to remove a layer of complexity.  As Mark Templeton highlighted, the cost of the desktop needs to come down to less than the cost of a PC. It is encouraging to see developments through the System-on-a-Chip announcement and RingCube acquisition.

As well as being cheaper, the virtual desktop also needs to perform at least as well as a PC and the HDX advancements, partnership with Cisco around WAAS and Unified communication – are ensuring that the user experience of a thin client and virtual desktop are better than local.

Finally, Citrix has taken some huge steps to reducing the time to transform (Agreement with Lakeside software, Acquisition of App-DNA) which will allow customers to understand their environment, application sets and choose the appropriate XenDesktop model.

What is Atlantis doing to assist with the above?

We’ve announced support for XenServer to ensure we can provide a reduced-cost solution to the growing number of customers looking for a Citrix only solution    In addition, we’ve launched a beta for XenApp to broaden the use of our storage and performance optimisation product to both of the hosted methods of desktop delivery (XA and XD). By using the same solution for both, customers can benefit from reduced complexity.

We have customers who have saved up to 93% on the storage costs for VDI and are looking at ways to reduce the transformation time for a desktop. Our aim is to allow customers to perform an instant transformation of their existing desktop estate to a virtual desktop without needing significant amounts of storage.  Finally, we improve the user experience of XenApp and XenDesktop by processing read and write IO before it touches storage.

A key policy for us is to embrace and extend all the Citrix and partner ecosystem innovations to fuel desktop virtualisation adoption.