I have heard this time and time again: “Many enterprises want to take advantage of cloud computing but do not want to give up their own datacenters.”  I have also heard the term “hybrid cloud” grossly over utilized and defined over and over again.  I would make a bet that if you stood in a room of IT folks and asked each person to define “What is hybrid cloud?” you would get a different answer and viewpoint with each person you talk to.  Let’s just keep the logic of cloud simple …

Enterprise administrators want to leverage low-cost compute in the cloud, while keeping things like databases, data storage and directory services in a secure, on-premise location.  The faster we can come to grips with the realization that not every application workload is cloud worthy, the more CloudBridge will make sense.

Here is a scenario from my world: I want to migrate the web tier of an application to the cloud but leave the database securely back in my datacenter.  How do you reckon I do that?  Or I want to run Windows 7 desktops in a cloud provider but leave Microsoft Active Directory and storage back in my datacenter.  Feasible?  Yes! Here’s why …

The core fundamental goal of Citrix CloudBridge is to make cloud-hosted applications appear to administrators, tools and even the applications themselves, as though they are running on the enterprise network. CloudBridge is an open foundation for building a transparent, cloud-extended datacenter.   I mean, let’s face it, networking is CORE to cloud computing!

Citrix CloudBridge:

  • Makes the cloud provider network look like a natural extension of your enterprise datacenter network
  • Helps to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of moving applications to the cloud
  • Reduces the risk of application failures, particularly those stemming from application migration
  • Enables broader, more-advanced use of cloud computing

In Q4 2011 we will step this up a notch and launch:

  1. IaaS “cloud catalog” within Citrix CloudBridge: Leading cloud providers worldwide will be “pre-certified” for supporting Citrix CloudBridge. This provides enterprises with a validated list of cloud datacenters worldwide that can be easily tapped for additional capacity.

What does this mean?  Put simply (NOTE: This is mock-up and NOT the final GUI):

We will feature in our GUI any cloud provider who is willing to support Citrix CloudBridge as a piece of their cloud offering!

  1. Simple, “one-sided” setup: Wizard-driven automation between Citrix CloudBridge and leading cloud providers makes it easy for enterprises to extend their networks from entirely within the NetScaler UI.

What does this mean?  We want to work with each cloud provider to provide “one click” configuration and connection in the GUI from their datacenter to YOUR cloud!!

  • CloudBridge Citrix Ready Program: Citrix also launched a Citrix Ready certification program, enabling any cloud provider to certify its cloud as “CloudBridge Ready”.

What does this mean?  We will work with you to ensure that Citrix CloudBridge will work with your cloud, your APIs and enable enterprises to leverage your cloud in a way they did not realize they could!

So in the end… we want enterprises to use YOUR cloud in ways they did not realize!  Citrix CloudBridge is the first step.  Incorporating your cloud into our GUI is the next step.  Together, these two actions will take cloud computing to a new level!