While I know variations are used in other countries around Europe, for those of you unfamiliar with the English colloquial expression, ‘hair of the dog’ refers to consuming an acoholic drink with the aim of lessoning the effects of a hangover!

Now, I’m not suggesting we’ve ALL been following our busy days at Summit and Synergy with a trip to the odd bar or two BUT I’m willing to take a guess that ‘some’ of you/us may have been enjoying the socialising side of having all such a large group of our partners and customers together in a wonderful city like Barcelona.

I think the current meaning of ‘hair of the dog’ is better than its original which referred to a method of treatment of a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound!  Ewww…

Onto things of more style and glamour…

… Barcelona’s night life and specifically, the style and sophistication of the nightclubs along Barceloneta Beach – the places to see and be seen. This year’s Synergy Party offers you the opportunity to sample Barcelona’s music, cuisine and exciting ambiance at five of the best clubs in the city. From 20:00 to midnight tonight, Synergy attendees can drop into Carpe Diem Lounge Club, Catwalk, Opium Mar, Shôko and Sotavento Beach Club to experience each venue’s specialties. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, dancing and people watching at each club, and find your favorite!

Coaches will be leaving from 7.30pm at the CCIB and remember to take your wrist band which states which club you need to start your night so you are with your regional group.  From 10pm, it’s a free for all across all the clubs.

See you there 🙂