Today, Citrix announced new capabilities for our customers to help them reduce the time, effort and costs of deploying virtual desktops.  The Citrix Desktop Transformation Model (DTM) is designed to enable customers to move from a device centric desktop perspective (e.g. a piece of hardware with an operating system, apps and data installed on it) to a people-centric perspective (e.g. delivering a desktop, apps and data as a service that can be accessed on any device).

The DTM starts with prioritizing your business needs and then using those business priorities to define desktop virtualization projects for your users.   Today, we have further expanded the DTM to provide specific technical guidance and tools for the IT team.  We are providing the guidance in three areas – assessment, design and deployment of your virtual desktop projects.  Specifically, we are helping customers with the following questions:

  • Where do I start start to plan for my virtual desktop projects?
    Look no further.  The Citrix Success Accelerator is an on-line service that enables customers and prospects to register desktop virtualization projects and guides them through the key decisions they need to make for each project.  The tool includes step-by-step guidance, peer benchmarks and literally 100s of tips based on our experience with 1000s of customers that have deployed millions of desktops.  Check it out at and register  your projects today.
  • How do I get an accurate understanding of my current desktop devices, applications and usage patterns?
    In order to have successful adoption of virtual desktops, IT need to be able to deliver virtual desktops that provide a better experience than their local desktops.  In order to do that, it requires an understanding of how users are using their current desktop, what apps they are using and which Citrix FlexCast model is the best to use for them as a result.  The Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Toolis designed to do just that.  Brought to you via an agreement with our partner , Lakeside Software, the Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool provides a silent, easy-to-install tool that analyzes each physical desktop to enable you to define the Citrix FlexCast model, the base Windows image to use and segments your applications into three segments (1) apps for a the base image (2) apps to virtualize and simplify access and (3) apps to deploy as you to do today.  The tool will be available via the Citrix Success Accelerator starting on November 15th.
  • How do I build an application portfolio strategy that ensures all my apps are there for users today and tomorrow?
    The best way to do that is really understand the DNA of your applications as you move from existing platforms such as Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7 as part of your virtual desktop transformation.  Today, we have announced that Citrix has signed a definitive agreement to acquire App-DNA.  The App-DNA AppTitude platform provides the ability to analyze your application portfolio (the one that was automatically discovered for you by the Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool), rapidly determine which applications, if any, have any potential issues and provide a path forward to resolve those issues.  In addition, the tool auto-packages the applications into MSIs, App-V or Citrix XenApp streaming packages.  Pretty neat!  We are really excited for the App-DNA team to become a part of Citrix.  The AppTitude product is available today via the existing App-DNA partners.
  • I have applications that would be best suited to deploy in the way that I currently deploy them…. Can do I do that?
    For those applications that are used by a small set of users or may be difficult to deploy via application virtualization, Citrix does offer a solution.  The Citrix personal vDisk, which came via the acquisition of RingCube,  is the way to go.  The personal vDisk, as the name implies, provides a private storage area for departmental applications to be seamlessly deployed with existing software distribution methodologies.  It does that by providing a persistent, personal storage space for applications, settings and app data that is independent from the master image.   Currently available as a Early Access feature of XenDesktop 5.5 , many customers are trialing the capabilities today.

With the new enhancements to the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model, customers can continue to deploy virtual desktops across their organizations more rapidly and at lower costs than ever before!  If you haven’t done so, start the process by logging into the Citrix Success Accelerator and register your projects!