Day 2 of Summit was another pretty busy day for me, firstly we were putting our final preparations into getting the Expo hall setup and ready to provide customers with a demo of TaaS. Also we continued the huge interested in Tools as a Service and received a huge number of usability studies in the Learning lounge.

If you are not at Synergy you can logon to with your MyCitrix account and give TaaS a test drive with the beta release of TaaS for NetScaler and TaaS for XenServer.

Later that afternoon we had a couple of customer meetings who wanted a private demo of TaaS followed by an employee briefing.

The Expo hall opened at 6pm and we welcomed all Citrix Partners and Customers, I staffed the Success Accelerator booth for a couple of hours followed by the TaaS booth.

That evening I went out for one drink (yes one :-)) with some of my colleagues before catching up on some work back at the hotel.

I also took lots of pictures during the event, you can find these on the Citrix Support Facebook site.


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