At Citrix, we have a great history of helping people to access their business applications from anywhere on any device, with the best user experience and I’m proud to say that we have raised the bar yet again. Just announced new XenApp 6.5 technology, available for testing as a Tech Preview, provides a true native device experience.  The software intelligently recognizes the type of endpoint operating system and enables device specific features such as auto keyboard popup, local selector controls, and auto scrolling.  Now users can get the best possible experience with on-demand Windows apps on their mobile device.  Existing XenApp customers can download the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack and the preview version of Receiver for Android to test this feature.
What’s really cool is what this pack enables.  Instead of merely presenting windows applications, now we can “change the game”.  With a new toolkit, the XenApp 6.5 Mobile Application SDK, IT organizations like Avanade can create custom, “mobilized” applications that take full advantage of the unique capabilities of Smartphones and Tablets.  Game changing scenarios are possible now that enterprise applications hosted by XenApp in the data center will have full access to devices sensors such as GPS and cameras.  The possibilities are endless!  Think about it.  How could your business take advantage of a mobilized application?