This morning we introduced the world to a new solution for centralized and aggregated access and control to all their apps – Windows, web, and SaaS apps. The new Citrix CloudGateway solution will provide unique solutions to both end users and IT: End users, by using Citrix Receiver, will get a single place to go on any device or platform for all their work-related apps, data and files. IT get’s a single pane of glass to manage – secure, provision, orchestrate, and de-provision – all their enterprise desktop apps regardless of location (of apps or users). The CloudGateway solution is very clearly a turning point in providing the infrastructure necessary to support the new cloud era.

One additional type of application that CloudGateway is being prepared to support is the new world of mobile apps. Just five years ago the idea of mobile application ecosystem was very new. However with the explosion of the smartphone era, starting with the iPhone and growing dramatically with Android-powered devices, it’s clear that any Unified App Controller must include and integrate mobile apps in the same way as it would have traditionally supported Windows apps.

Along with the explosion in mobile applications, has been the explosion of companies focused on mobile device management (MDM) as a way to manage mobile devices, platforms and applications. Don’t confuse the MDM market and ecosystem with what we’re proposing at Citrix. As we have with XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver, we’re interested in disaggregating application security and delivery from the platform. Our vision for supporting mobile applications in CloudGateway is best described as mobile app management (MAM anyone?) rather than device management. This is enabled through Citrix Receiver. As a platform specific, native, app access solution, Receiver provides the best way to aggregate and access all applications, including mobile apps. With Receiver Citrix is well positioned to provide a unique, device agnostic, mobile app solution that will provide IT with the power to configure, encrypt, encapsulate, deliver and remote wipe powerful mobile applications to and on end users’ devices.

Most importantly this solution, like we have with Enterprise windows and web apps, will disaggregate IT from having to manage devices. Leave the device management to the end user – let them bring whatever devices they like or that suits their style – and focus IT on securing access to applications. This is an important distinction because unlike some of our competitors who have solutions to take over portions of end user devices, the Citrix solution doesn’t try and carve out enterprise only resources from personal devices. Citrix Receiver is the single, aggregated portal to enterprise applications and data. It runs on every device for the best, seamless, native end user experience possible!

An obvious question this new infrastructure provides is whether IT can provide a write once, run anywhere solution: Can we enable mobile apps written for one device to run on devices not running the native OS? In short the answer is yes! As we demonstrated last May, by providing a plug-in supported architecture, Citrix Receiver already supports a plug-in from partner Blue Stacks that provides Android apps support for Windows platforms. We are actively working to extend that support to any Citrix Receiver enabled client. That’s right – you will be able to run Android applications on iOS, QNX, Windows or Macintosh devices.

If this mobile app management solution sounds familiar it’s likely because it’s simply an extension of what we’ve always said about Citrix infrastructure: any application delivered seamlessly to any end user, on any device, anywhere. This is yet another example of Citrix dedicated focus to provide the ultimate solution to support mobile workstyles!

More details on the Citrix CloudGateway mobile application management solution will be available in the coming months with the first iterations of the solution becoming available in the first half of 2012.