I caught up with the events team to understand more about the Desktop Transformation Centre and how it is underpinning all of the infrastructure at Summit and Synergy. The glass-enclosed centre in the main foyer is attracting a lot of attending and rightly so, it’s pretty cool!

So fact fans, Synergy’s vital statistics are:

  • 657 Virtual Machines
  • 407 Virtual desktops
  • 8 NetScaler VPX

The goal, much like for our customers in their own enterprise IT environments, was to simplify and cenetralise IT at the events.  Through the Desktop Transformation infrastructure we consolidated many previously separate functions allowing us to significantly reduce our number of VM’s. This means that the team were able to exponentially reduce the number of virtual hosts by turning capacity on and off on-demand as it would be done in real enterprise datacenter.

The same can be said of the Citrix booth, we used to have some demonstrations that would alone take up 90 VM’s, but by consolidating across pooled VM’s instead of dedicated VM’s we were able to reduce 90 VM’s to 1 VM, so just in this one example we got a 9000% reduction in needed capacity.

We followed our own best practices and achieved astronomical resource savings and enhanced manageability.  

Not bad eh?