If you are following the sensational announcements coming out of the Citrix Synergy in Barcelona, you probably just found out about Citrix CloudGateway, the industry’s first unified service broker – Tech Previews for CloudGateway Express and Enterprise available today and GA by end of 2011.

Just to reiterate, CloudGateway aggregates, controls and delivers Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps to ANY device, ANYWHERE. While it enables end-users with an intuitive single point of access and self-service to all their business apps on any device, it provides IT with a comprehensive SINGLE point of aggregation and control for all apps and users.

As you found out, CloudGateway comprises of two editions: Enterprise and Express. CloudGateway Express enables existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers to deliver all their Windows apps and desktops to any device. This is achieved by a unified storefront with self-service capabilities. And the best part, it’s FREE!

Designed with built-in headroom for the cloud era, CloudGateway Express is an easy upgrade from Web Interface and PNAgent and enables enterprises to be cloud-ready by providing seamless upgrade to CloudGateway Enterprise, extending the unified app store to web and SaaS apps.

Here are a few key features of CloudGateway Express that make for 6 compelling reasons to start planning your transition today:

  1. ONE experience, anywhere: Device proliferation and resulting IT management/control complexity is addressed by Receiver coherence, while keeping the user experience consistent and simple across all devices. In addition, the “Smooth Roaming” capability enables users to seamlessly roam, thereby enabling them to work from anywhere, without having to re-authenticate every time they traverse different networks.
  2. Self-Service apps, desktops and data:   The Self-Service capability encourages users to download applications that are most relevant to them, making it favorable for corporations to institute Bring Your Own Device (BYO-D) policies. Users can not only to pick and choose their applications (i.e., your ‘subscriptions’) but also have them ‘follow’ you from device to device, making those app subscriptions available to them on any device, anywhere.
  3. ONE-click setup for all devices: Easy download and simple configuration capabilities makes it hassle-free for IT admins as well as end users
  4. ONE storefront to manage: CloudGateway Express is the one-stop-shop that aggregates and controls all your apps, starting with Windows  apps and then extending it to Cloud-enabled apps (with the Enterprise edition). It also enables customer-specific branding customizations based on the open standards based Receiver for Web.
  5. Designed for seamless upgrades: Upgrading to CloudGateway Express from Web Interface is easy. The installation is straightforward; with all you’ll need is an URL. More importantly, it can coexist with Web Interface so you can migrate as-you-go!
  6. Cloud Ready: Unique to the CloudGateway product family, existing customers who deploy CloudGateway Express now have the ability to extend their access to SaaS and Web  apps by upgrading to the CloudGateway Enterprise edition

For those of you attending Synergy in Barcelona, you can get an in-depth understanding (up, close and personal!) of CloudGateway Express by attending either one of the breakout sessions (SYN 330) or the Hands-On Learning Labs (SYN 414D & SYN 416D).

What about Citrix Receivers….? Its all about delivering unparalleled end user experience via native Receivers (optimized for each platform)!

Along with CloudGateway Express, Tech Previews for Citrix Receiver, versions 3.1 for Windows and 3.0 for Android are also being announced today along with mobility optimizations for XenApp6.5 and mobility SDKs for mobile app developers. Last but not the least, ‘Follow-Me Data’ capability is also being announced today!