Synergy Barcelona announces great advances for the Mobile Receivers, specifically iOS and Android.  Advances in usability and interoperability with other Receiver services such as Receiver Storefront and CloudGateway.  The features are aligned with the desire to continually enhance user experience and expand the uses.

Some features for iOS and Android Receivers to check out are:

Mobility enhancements – The XenApp 6.5 Mobile Application SDK brings mobile features to XenApp 6.5.  These features include the pop-up keyboard and auto scrolling, GPS data, and other mobile device features brought into the XenApp session.  The theme is to transform the XenApp session into a fully mobile experience.  More to come….

RSA Soft Token integration – Integration of the RSA Soft Token into the Receiver greatly improves the speed and usability of mobile devices in the enterprise.  No need to install the RSA Soft Token software, run everything from within Receiver.  Balancing security and usability for enterprise.

Cohesive UI – The consistency between the different Citrix Receivers platforms is a key component to reduce supportability and increase the end user delight with their tool.  They are similar but bring the unique assets of the platforms into consideration.

Mobile Receiver User Interface

Receiver Storefront – Integration with Storefront brings the disparity Citrix Receiver clients into coordination.  It promotes the transition from one platform to another without losing the context from one Receiver to another.   This allows a smooth transition from mobile devices to a desktop platform and back.  Self-Service, auto-provisions applications, and Follow-me subscriptions are capabilities to check out.

Language Support – Expanded language support includes English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Simple Chinese

Check out the Receiver for Android Beta in the Android Market and XenApp 6.5 Mobile Application Enhancement.