I’ve just taken a quick look around the Solutions Expo and while some  sponsor stands are still having the finishing touches put to them, it’s going to be a great area to catch up with the latest and greatest from our industry.  It opens at 6.30pm for our Synergy welcome reception this evening so you’ll have an idea opportunity to enjoy a well-earned beverage and take a mooch around the Expo.

On the Citrix booth, you can take a close look at what we mean by “personal cloud,” “private cloud” and “public cloud”. There’s a dedicated section to each of these, showcasing how Citrix technology allows anyone to work or play from anywhere on any device.

  • Personal cloud: this section showcases Receiver and HDX on a variety of devices, in different scenarios.
  • Private cloud: in this section we will be demonstrating the corporate infrastructure necessary to support an increasingly tech-savvy workforce. Gateways are evolving from being a secure point of network access to the datacenter to becoming a single point of delivery for all corporate resources both inside the datacenter (such as desktops, apps and data) and outside it (such as SaaS apps, web apps and even storage).
  • Public cloud: we will demonstrate the latest iteration of its game-changing Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings which enable:
    • cloud-based application delivery
    • elastic multi-tenant computing
    • many other bells and whistles to enhance a cloud portfolio, including the recent Cloud.com acquisition

Similar to the genius bar at an Apple store, Citrix has created an “Ask the Experts” Pavilion staffed by experts from the Citrix Consulting Services team.  Located within the Citrix booth in the Expo Hall, this pavilion will give you insight into how newer Citrix technologies can be implemented faster and more efficiently, technical answers to questions and best practice ideas.

I’ll hopefully look forward to catching up with you all there this evening!