As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m hoping to share summaries of announcements being made by our various sponsors and exhibitors at the Solutions Expo at Synergy with you all this week.

A little earlier today, I swung by the Dell stand to see what they’d are focusing on at Synergy and Rafael Knuth was kind enough to provide the following overview:

  • Dell and Citrix VDI-in-a-box: visit Dell’s booth to see a demonstration of VDI-in-a-Box.  Partners at Summit have been going crazy for information on this area so undoubtedly Dell’s published reference architectures will be of interest to you all.
  • Project Morpheus II: Dell has collaborated closely with Citrix Consulting Services to bring Morpheus to life in Barcelona … I’m planning to catch up with Dell’s Julian Tym about this tomorrow so watch this space for more information!
  • Dell Executive and customer break out: Rod Arnot, Executive Director of Sales, End User Computing is presenting the first part of Dell’s breakout session at Synergy.  The majority of the presentation is going to be about Oundle School, and how Dell helped deploy a Citrix-based desktop virtualisation solution

I’ll be monitoring Citrix TV for Julian Tyn’s interview tomorrow too so will post a link as soon as I can.

If there are any organisations you are particularly interested in or have questions for, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!