I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of the XenApp 6.5 Mobile Application SDK Tech Preview.

As the leader in Mobile Workstyles, Citrix is addressing critical new enterprise needs for the mobile device
centric world to which organizations are migrating.  The Mobile Application SDK leverages the new XenApp Native Device Experience feature introduced in the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack Tech Preview and the Receiver for Android 3.0 Tech Preview.

This new developer toolkit is targeted for use by enterprise developers, System Integrators, and ISVs to create new mobile-friendly applications to be hosted on XenApp. These applications leverage customers’ existing Citrix infrastructure and enable them to deliver mobilized, touch-enabled applications while keeping sensitive corporate data secure in the data center and not cached on easily lost, misplaced, or stolen mobile devices.

The Citrix Mobile Application SDK provides over 50 specific mobile API’s that can be used from any enterprise Windows development environment.  These APIs allow developers to create touch enabled UI’s for new and existing enterprise applications.  With these new APIs the applications can leverage the unique capabilities of smartphones and tablets, allowing full access to device sensors and capabilities such as GPS, camera, and accelerometer.  This sensor information can then be relayed back to and used by an enterprise application hosted on XenApp in the data center. This capability is novel and innovative as up till now it has not been possible for Windows applications in the datacentre to access these new device

Avanade, a Citrix System Integrator partner, has used the SDK to create a Utility Monitoring application that uses location services information and camera images that are remoted back via Citrix Receiver to the application running in the data center as illustrated in the screen capture below.

In conjunction with the Mobile Application SDK two new showcase Technology Concept Releases for GoldenGate Mobile Email and Mobile PINPad are available for download. GoldenGate Mobile Email is an example email / calendar / contacts application built with the Mobile Application SDK. It illustrates for developers how a full featured, mobile-friendly front end can be created with the Mobile Application SDK to integrate with an enterprise system like Microsoft Exchange. Mobile PINPad provides a simple convenient PIN access to secured applications delivered from the Citrix infrastructure, which is ideal for the mobile use case.

More information and download links are available at the following:

Mobile Application SDK – Tech Preview

XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack – Tech Preview

Receiver for Android 3.0 – Beta is available on the Android Market

GoldenGate Mobile Email – Tech Concept Release

Alcatraz PINPad – Tech Concept Release