I’ve been trying to catch up with partners throughout today to get their take on the event so far.  First up was Neil Spellings, who also leads our user group in the UK, who was pleased with how the tech labs were running, finding the content useful and I’m hoping by now, is not so cold given the battles he was having with the air conditioning!

Andy Nabbs and Al Penny from BT Engage preferred the venue to Berlin and by lunch had already spoken to most of our CSP team so good to see them making the most of their time.  Aside from requests for the US-style coffee thermos flasks, plus points for the pair included the split between intermediate and advanced technical sessions and the Summit mobile site.  They’d like more technical sessions though but I don’t think we could ever put enough on as the demand just keeps building!

Jon Walsh at IBM was enthused after the keynote.  He’s fairly new into his role and is trying to learn as much about Citrix technology and how it forms part of IBM’s offerings as possible – and he’s certainly in the best place!  Like many partners I’ve spoken to since the Keynote, he found David Henshall’s  presentation to be an incredibly useful insight into the decision making process of a CFO. Jon is keen to help his customers understand how virtualisation, cloud and networking technologies can help make their businesses become more efficient. In his opinion, IT has been seen as a cost centre and barrier to change for too long and it’s the type of technologies he’s learning about at Summit that will make IT an enabler.

Dan Griffith at Arrow ECS found it helpful to hear more about the networking and data centre products as well as the developments since our Kaviza acquisition with VDI-in-a-Box and GoToManage.  In his opinion, partners would have found David Henshall’s presentation very useful.

Finally, I bumped into Andy Nabbs again who thought the keynote demonstrated how Citrix has everything a partner needs – networking, desktop and application tool kits – for a partner to build out an end-to-end cloud solutions, whether its bespoke or hosted.  And who am I to argue?!  😉

Does anyone else have any views they would like to share about the event so far?