Wow, I can hardly believe that Synergy has come around again and it’s exciting as ever. We have a saying at Citrix that there are only two events Synergy and Synergy and I’ve just arrived in Barcelona to get ready for the second Synergy of 2011…

This year we have three of the Citrix CTO team presenting the day 2 super session, covering Collaboration, Cloud and Mobility. The presenters are Bernd Christiansen, Sheng Liang and myself.

We will be sharing some of our thoughts on the future as well as showing some new technolgy that we were able to steal away from the day 1 keynote (sorry Mark but the CTO’s needed to have something to show as well :-)…)

I hope to be able to meet many of you this week in and around the event as well as hear your thoughts on our products and technologies.