I arrived in Barcelona this morning having set my alarm for a totally unsociable 3.45am.  My day has only got better since the crazy early start though with an unexpected upgrade (thank you BA!), my case being one of the first out and a whizzy journey to the CCIB.

Even though the site resembles the mid-way point on one of those home makeover shows at the moment, the conference centre itself is already obviously much better than last year’s in Berlin.  It’s very open and light which may mean we all don’t feel quite so starved of fresh air when we escape of an evening 🙂

With a couple of hours to spare, I headed into Barcelona centre for a mooch.  Having been a couple of times before, I didn’t feel the need to dash around the major tourist spots (and time didn’t allow for Sagrada Familia which I could look at alllll day) so I ambled around.  The metro is fantastic here and from the CCIB (nearest station is El Maresme I Forum) into Jaume took around 10 minutes for the grand cost of 1.45 – and you can buy a ticket to cover 10 trips which works out a little cheaper.

I stumbled upon a great wine and tapas festival near Barcelona Catedral and then had a look around the Catedral itself – beautiful inside with HUGE swans munching on greens, random but there you go.

Now that I’m here, I’d like everyone else to be so we can get Summit & Synergy underway – those of you who know me will not be surprised by this, I can resemble an excitable child with these things!!  Both events make me feel very proud to work for Citrix – virtual computing takes centre stage but so do all our employees and I hope we make this a week you’ll all remember!

We haven’t forgotten those of you unable to join us in Barcelona either, you can track sessions at Synergy Live.

I’ve been catching up with our sponsors ahead of the events so will be back soon with a little advance insight – more to follow throughout the week.

In the meantime, I hope those of you arriving this weekend enjoy this beautiful city – please share any recommendations and tips with us!  Remember that Ingrid is blogging too with information about Barcelona.