It’s been sometime that the applications have taken the center stage with Cloud and SaaS like innovations. The deployment device specific needs have taken a 180 degree turn and have become more application specific. Application templates corroborate as a diligent solution in an application deployment

Applications like OWA and Sharepoint have specific configuration arrangement. With these specific needs NetScaler ADC provides Application templates. These templates consolidate the precise configuration needs in a stencil of configurations which can be easily exported and imported to multiple numbers of NetScaler appliances.

Where NetScaler provides a tool, like application template, putting specific configuration details in a consolidated format, the NetScaler Command Center smoothly exploits this tool to spread across multiple NetScaler appliances within few clicks.

NetScaler facilitates application templates, but Command Center essentially empowers its potential!

Once you decide to use application template in conjunction with the command center, you will come across a well customized process to execute group deployment. We will now walk through specific functions of this process step by step.

In the Command Center user interface, you will find a built-in task named “ImportApplicationTemplate” as highlighted above. Once you click on this, it’ll open another window with task details. Under this, you will find certain commands which define this task along with task variables. Task variables will be the variables, which exhibits the type of variables prompted to the user when the task is executed.

On this window, you will find certain tabs. We will be now introducing the relevance and functions of those tabs.


This tab actually execute the application template import with as many devices as you want enabling group deployment.


Schedule tab will help you schedule the task of import of templates on certain defined intervals as shown.

Execution Log

With execution log tab, you can always look at the status of the import operation, check the start time and end time, click on the listed appliances to view the command logs and their status as well.

Scheduled Tasks

When you schedule multiple tasks like these, you will need to track them back to ensure integrity in the process of import defined. This tab provides the status information about the time of the scheduled import task, the status  and the respective remarks regarding the task.  What makes more convenient is that you can easily stop, resume or remove any of these tasks with just one click right there and then.


Export tab will smartly export the task to a specific location with just click of button.

Customize Tasks

This tab lets you customize and build your own tasks like these. Enter the essentials details like name, category and device family and check the appropriate check boxes. You can add commands. You can even shuffle the already defined standard commands and shift the order of execution of the commands right there using functions mentioned under “Actions” column. You can even add task variables, which pop up at the time of task execution prompting you to select the files needed for the import.

When application template works in conjunction with NetScaler Command Center, it clubs all these functions and adds another layer of manageability. It doesn’t provide just group deployment; it provides a customized group deployment which can be managed, monitored and executed in only couple of clicks!

Note: This feature works only with NetScaler release 9.3 application templates.