We’re really excited to announce a new member of the AppFlow family!  The folks over at Lancope have completed initial integration with Citrix AppFlow, enabling Lancope to collect flow records from NetScaler.  This initial integration with Lancope’s StealthWatch System provides advanced application availability, performance and security monitoring across physical and virtual environments.  

With the initial integration, joint customers can easily pull AppFlow records from their Citrix NetScaler load balancers into StealthWatch for analysis and reporting.  StealthWatch uses the AppFlow data to present session statistics from clients to the NetScaler load balancer virtual IP, as well as show the statistics for the load balancer to the devices serving as the termination point for the traffic. 

Leveraging AppFlow, NetFlow and other flow data from existing devices, StealthWatch monitors network and host behaviors as a whole to establish baselines and quickly alert on a wide range of anomalies.

Lancope will also enhance this integration with full support of AppFlow records in future product releases.  This further integration with AppFlow will enable Lancope to provide application-level visibility and intelligence that gives customers additional data for obtaining a comprehensive view of traffic traversing their network at any given time.

The ability to analyze and correlate flow data from a multitude of devices enables enterprises to obtain the levels of contextual awareness and actionable intelligence needed to better respond to network and security issues. Further details on this integration can be found in the solution brief, and will also be available next week at Citrix Summit and Synergy 2011 in Barcelona. More information on Lancope’s StealthWatch solution can be found here.  And, be sure to keep checking appflow.org for updates on key integrations.